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Why is better health a journey?

Disease takes time to develop, in may cases years of cellular and organ dysfunction. Modern medications often remove the symptoms but neglect to treat the cause, which involves deeper body system disfunction.

So how is our approach different?

There is no magic pill or instant cure. Our program involves a minimum of 6 half hour visits (one each month) over the course of 6 months. Each session is designed to build off the last to construct a wellness foundation of lifestyle, nutrition, mental, and physical health, while strengthening the body systems through natural therapeutics to promote optimal health and wellness.

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Will you see benefits right away?

Yes. The majority of changes made on day one have a profound impact on mental and physical wellness.

Must be willing to make changes.

As with most things, you get out what you put in. Big improvement can require more effort than smalll improvement.

Can I tell my doctor what my recommendations are?

Yes of course. We only add to the wellness team you currently have. We do not recommend stopping any prescribed medications on your own. However, many clients do stop prescribed medications after discussig their improvement with the prescribing doctor.

What about the cost? Six visits sounds expensive.

We have worked very hard to keep the cost down per visit because we encourage you to make a committment to creating lasting change. We want to be with you each step of the way until you reach your health goals and beyond.

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How do you get started?

Subscribe today. Enter your credit card, choose the day and time of your first appointment, and We will contact you for your medical information.

How does billing work?

Subscribe now and you will be billed monthly directly to your credit card. (Like Net Flix only better.)

$99/visit is great but will my visit costs go up?

No. As long you renew your subscription, your costs will never increase.