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Weight Loss and Nutrition services offered in East Northport, NY

Weight loss is often a big challenge, and the reason for that might surprise you. At Natural Health Specialists LLC in East Northport, New York, leading holistic medicine specialist Christopher J. Fischer, ND, understands the root causes of weight gain, from hormone imbalance to inflammation and other issues many people don’t know about. Dr. Fischer creates customized weight loss plans that improve your health while slimming your body. Appointments are convenient because they’re through telehealth, so call the office or book your visit online now. 

Weight Loss and Nutrition Q&A

When is weight loss necessary?

If your body mass index (BMI) is 25-29 (overweight) or 30 or higher (obese), weight loss could improve your bodywide health and even lengthen your life. 

It’s best to start a weight loss plan now, not later. Many people who carry a few extra pounds might not worry about it too much, but unfortunately, those extra pounds are causing serious damage within the body. They will eventually become a much bigger issue.

Extra weight greatly increases your chances of developing chronic diseases like hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and arthritis. Losing 5-10% of your extra weight can significantly improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

How does holistic medicine approach weight loss?

Traditional medicine usually starts by drastically reducing the calories you eat and significantly restricting what you can eat. Many traditional approaches also involve diet pills that can cause damaging side effects.

Holistic and naturopathic medicine takes a very different approach, focusing instead on improving your nutrition and whole-body health using natural means, starting from the inside. Weight loss is a natural result of the holistic and naturopathic approach. 

What can I expect from holistic weight loss?  

Dr. Fischer starts with testing to determine the root causes of your weight difficulties. Testing can uncover problems such as hormone imbalance and heavy metal toxicity, as well as nutritional imbalances. 

Then, Dr. Fischer designs a personalized plan to support your whole-body healing and weight loss. You’ll start an eating plan that includes a wide variety of healthy foods, moderate exercise, and research-based targeted nutritional therapies (supplements).

Depending on the underlying factors involved in your weight difficulties, for example, digestive health issues or hormone imbalance, you might need targeted plant-based treatments like custom herbal formulations. Lifestyle change, such as stress management, is also important in your whole-body health journey. 

Natural Health Specialists LLC offers a subscription-based service (six-month minimum) in which monthly fees provide access to personalized holistic weight management. You’ll see Dr. Fischer once a month for 30-minute telehealth visits from the privacy of your home.

Holistic medicine restores your whole-body health, and weight loss follows. To learn more, call Natural Health Specialists LLC or book your appointment through online scheduling now.